Data Backup / Rebuild Acceptance Form

Data Backup:

  • This includes saved files such as documents, pictures and music etc.
  • We normally retrieve data from your user drive, for example My Documents and Pictures
  • If you require data backup from another location on the computer, please specify what the data is and where we can find it.

Re-instating Data:

  • Restored data will be placed onto the desktop ready for you to re-arrange at your convenience.

Re-build Services

What will be wiped?

  • Old operating system
  • Saved data e.g. pictures, documents and saved emails
  • Website favourites and links
  • Drivers, e.g. printer drivers
  • Programs, e.g. Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader etc.

Re-installing Operating System

  • We will re-install the operating system that corresponds with your product ket
  • Windows updates will be downloaded and installed up to date. However, Windows updates will then be disabled.  If you wish to enable, please feel free to do so once you have your system back.  Mark1 IT will not warranty any software issues that arise as a result of Microsoft Windows Updates.
  • Drivers specific to the operating system will be re-installed, for example Wireless and Audio drivers.

Additional Software

  • If you have additional software such as Microsoft Office or Sage, we can only re-install these if you provide the disks/license keys.
  • Installing and configuring additional software will incur additional charges, for example, re-building an Outlook account and installing/reconfiguring Sage.
  • If you require additional software, please specify before re-build as we can supply software with the costs being agreed up front.

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